Monkeypox Update & Links of Resources

Monkeypox is a tricky thing to follow.  The limited information on a 50+ years old virus combined with a slow roll out of the millions of stock-piled vaccinations is enough for anyone to go, HMMMMM!  This is extremely frustrating.  New Bridge’s 2nd release of appointments were booked in under 15 minutes!  And other sites which claim to have them do not even pick up their phones.

There are no monkeypox experts on the team at Buddies of NJ. But… we are here to provide information and resources as they come in.

In listing the following, we want you to know that you should always consult your doctor first about health issues; in this case your ID doctor may be best.  Also some of these facts may apply to areas outside of ours and have not been checked for accuracy.  Yet, we believe that the sources are fair and equitable sources.

So, here is an updated list of provided resources:

Monkeypox spreads through close intimate contact and/or high concentration of respiratory droplets. Skin to skin contact, as well as skin to clothing surfaces that have it on it, is a way for transmission.

stigma/monkey pox:

Fact Sheet:

Monkey Pox for sexually active people-website:

Fact sheet:

Social Gatherings, safer sex, Monkeypox:

Fact sheets:


5 things to know about Monkey Pox PSA: You Tube

If you are at risk, the vaccination could save you a lot of problems.

Newsweek reports on long-lasting scarring.