The Knowing Is Key Initiative

knowing is key image
Knowing Is Key is an initiative—in Bergen County, New Jersey—created to raise awareness in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) to confront HIV by: staying protected, getting tested, and getting into early treatment if infected.

HIV is a treatable virus when caught early. Almost half of the people living with HIV in New Jersey do not know they are infected with the virus. Too many people find out they are HIV+ in later stages of the illness, thus reducing their options for treatment and their quality of life. The Knowing Is Key initiative, launched by Buddies of New Jersey (NJB) aims to motivate people to stay protected, regularly test for HIV (and other STD’s), and get into early treatment should they contract the virus.

It’s necesary for each of us to be honest with ourself and our sexual partner(s) about our health status. The website provide’s information about

  • Where, when, and how one can get tested
  • How (MSM) sex can be made safer
  • Ways to communicate about sex before engaging in sexual encounters
  • What services are available for those infected or affected by HIV
  • Stories of encouragment by others living with HIV
  • How to connect with the available services of NJB and other HIV/AIDS Service Organizations.

Read this article from A Day to Call Our Own, by Tez Anderson, a long term AIDS Survivor.