Needed Now!

POSITION:  Volunteer Internship – Non-Profit / Event Planning

Self-motivated individual(s) interested in learning about a mid-sized non-profit AIDS Service Organization and will work with staff members in the planning and promotions of the NJ AIDS WALK and related events.  All individuals must be at least 18 years of age.

Flexible Schedules Available:  We need persons with computer, networking, and/or communication skills who can give a minimum of 3 hours during a weekday at our Hackensack location. There is also some work that can be done from home or after hours for quick learners.

Email: ray@njbuddies.org for more information.

  • 2023 NJ AIDS WALK – Help with finding new sponsors and community partners
  • 2022 – Ocean Grove Gay Men’s Health Retreat – Planning & Coordination
  • 2022 – 40th Anniversary of Buddies of NJ – Planning Committee
  • VOLUNTEER: Massage, Rekei, Meditation, Recreation Activity Coordination… for Events/Retreats

Ongoing Opportunities

Food Bank Assistants:

Food Bank Hours: Monday, 10AM–2PM; Tuesday–Friday, 1PM–4PM.   Opportunities open for all shifts. Additional hours will become available based on the number of volunteers.  Email: gilda@njbuddies.org     OR   info@njbuddies.org

Description of Duties: Help maintain and upkeep the Food Bank, including the stocking and sorting of food items, and filling orders.

Who can volunteer for this: Both sexes, adults, seniors, and students

Languages: English (Spanish a plus, but not required)

Phone: 201.489.2900

Location: Hackensack, New Jersey

Food Bank Donation/Food Drives

The Buddies’ Food Bank is a vital source in the community helping to meet nutritional and hygiene needs.

We welcome non-perishable food donations, personal hygiene and cleaning products, and culturally-sensitive food items to meet our growing hispanic clientele.

We welcome school, civic, and church food drives.

Call us at (201) 489-2900 for a complete list of items you can donate.

Research Projects

Description of Duties: Help with projects such as creating databases, and assisting in the creation of an AIDS Guide Book to be used as a resource for Buddies’ clients.

Who can volunteer for this: Both sexes, adults, seniors, and students

Languages: English

Phone: 201.489.2900

Location: Hackensack, New Jersey

You become this difference for our clients… whether it’s organizing the pantry, using computer or phone skills to promote events, or educating people how to stay uninfected!

Become a volunteer today!

How can you help Share your talent with us…it will go a long way!
The Franklin Smith Resource Center Center is open Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM
Your time, no matter how much or how little, is appreciated and needed.

For more information on becoming a volunteer: Please contact at (201) 489-2900 or fill out our Volunteer Application and we will contact you.