Happy Birthday Buddies of NJ, Inc.

We are so happy to have been here since the beginning and having a commitment to stay here until there is a cure.

1985 was the year of Buddies was incorporated but after several years of working out of our founder, Frank Smith’s house in Bloomfield.   We held the hands of people who were sick and dying.  We ran to pharmacies, grocery stores, and of host of other places to ensure these people had necessary living essentials.  We drove them to doctor’s visits and provided them with food.  Even more, we provided love, in the form of service… when nobody else would.

Today we are at the forefront of keeping people in care and living normal lives, preventing new lives from having to live with the virus, and helping to end the epidemics that can lead to HIV, one step at-a-time.

Help us continue the work we started…   TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF,  GET TESTED / KNOW YOUR HIV STATUS, GET INTO CARE / TREATMENT if needed, USE PREVENTION TOOLS: PrEP, condoms, talking with partners, abstinence, PEP and be undetectable, U=U!

Want to send a birthday gift?   Send a check payable to:

Buddies of NJ, Inc.

remit to:  Buddies of NJ, 149 Hudson Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601   attn: Patti Cuffe