WORLD AIDS DAY | Writing Contest


to a Presentation that commemorates those we lost from HIV/AIDS,

honors those who struggle with this disease today, and

celebrates those who are helping to bring this epidemic to an end.

REGISTER HERE so that we can prepare food and space.


We will start promptly at 10am with breakfast immediately

Poetry / Writing Contest for college aged writers WEEK LEFT to submit your entry (by Tuesday 11/28)

Bergen County artist Elke Donofrio was commissioned and has completed an 8′ high ribbon for this year’s World AIDS DAY!

Using nothing but recycled water bottles, glue, and chicken wire Elke designed the construction and brought to life a ribbon.   The ribbon was spray painted red to signify the red ribbons worn in solidarity for people living with HIV and in remembrance of those we have lost from HIV/AIDS.   The RED Ribbon, usually placed over our hearts as individuals, is now done in a way that it is placed over the heart of Bergen County’s full health center: BERGEN New Bridge Medical Center.  Buddies of NJ, this year has partnered with New Bridge Medical Center who both have been at the forefront of treating people with HIV/AIDS since the early 1980’s.

ALL communities are being called to join us and be part of commemorating  those we lost AND working together to end HIV epidemics by HELPING COMMUNITIES LEAD .