Ocean Grove – Gay Men’s Health Retreat

FOCUS: Develop | Maintain | Keep

Thanks to participants for being a catalyst to each other making a successful retreat!  Where there was wind we brought stability.  Where there were clouds we made room for the sun.  Where there was lawn mowers we found the silence.  And where there were pussy cats… well… LOL
When’s the last time you walked on the boardwalk; when’s the last time you ever did work or exercise for the fun of it?  When’s the last time you ate vegan and wanted more because it tasted good?  When’s the last time when you heard perspectives a 180 degree from your own and still were able to respect what you heard?  When was the last time you had a $65+ meal overlooking the ocean with a bunch of hot men and learned about issues that we (as a community) encounter every day?  When’s the last time you allowed massage, rekei, yoga, and meditation be there to heal and rid the distractions?  When is the last time more than 12 men and some women occupied a home for four days without turning on the SMART TV in the front living room?  WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!
We all developed and maintained (practiced) techniques to keep FOCUS.  These techniques  will grow larger if you take them with you and use them whether it’s passing a test, negotiating safer sex practices or being healthysexuals, losing weight, saving for vacation, finding a significant other, changing careers, drawing closer to what creates you or gives you life…