Jersey Pride & Gay Men’s Health Retreat

Jersey Pride Sunday June 2 in Asbury Park –  Join Us at Our Table  | Let Us Know if You Want to March


NJ’s 5th Gay Men’s Health Retreat


This 3-Day Retreat is offered at a fraction of the cost of similar retreats throughout the country. We officially include people living with HIV, people who are affected by HIV, and our allies. This affordable retreat is due to the generosity of the Bath Avenue House donating nearly half of the lodging cost in memory of our friend, and Buddies’ former Director, Stephen Scheuermann. We are also lucky to have the support of volunteers, speakers, restaurants, and groups who provide meals with presentations.

HIV has been one of the biggest fears that many of us, gay or bi men, are faced with. HIV, a virus that has changed lives forever in ways never expected. We, as a community, have fought to inform policy that is beating this virus and that is seeking to establish a permanent voice of equality in how we are treated. U=U is now official; UNDETECTABLE = UNTRANSMITTABLE ! HIV, although still with us, is becoming less relevant:So NOW WHAT???

Of course, our major goal is lowering the viral load to undetectable and stopping the spread of HIV. HIV is only one of the health challenges we face. HIV is now very treatable, more easily preventable, and no longer a death sentence, yet we still have unique challenges that other illnesses do not. HIV has given us an opportunity to renew who we are and how we take care of ourselves… even when we slip backward. We are not much different than other people who decide to turn their struggles into championships. HIV, however, is a unique challenge and it helps to find support from others who experience similar twists in: health, lifestyles, family, relationships, employment, legalities, spirituality, and more…


Activities and Presentations Will Touch On: Health & Wellness Beyond HIV; Giving Ourselves Space to Heal; Physical Activity & Cardio Vascular Health; Mental Wellness; Healthier Cooking; Listening & Understanding; Healthy Communication; Self-Advocacy; Disclosure vs. Non-Disclosure; Sexual Intimacy; Healthy Relationships; Prevention & PrEP; Spirituality and More…

Participants will be able to see the Jersey shore (≈300 steps away) and breathe it in, just as the warm weather begins to envelop its coast. Gay and Bi men will have a chance to relax and enjoy themselves and others who are different, yet, share similar life circumstances. It is a time to gain awareness of where we are in life and to where life may be calling us. It is a time to discover and acknowledge our strengths, weaknesses, talents, frailties, desires, needs, and more… Together we create a safe, stigma-free environment where we have us a chance to articulate who and what may support us in our journeys towards a healthier life. This is not an intense weekend of problem solving; it is going to be relaxing and fun!

YOU MAY ATTEND: Any adult man (cis or trans) who self identifies as gay, bi-sexual, or MSM may apply to attend regardless of age, race, nationality, socio-economic status, looks, religious beliefs, or political stature.

Safe space is a priority! It is our goal to keep this a safe place free of judgement or fear. We will ask that selected applicants will only be those who can present a proof of status and/or demonstrate how HIV strongly affects their lives. Anyone who pays prior to filing application is entitled to full refund if not selected. If you are coming for any other reasons than: self-enhancement, relaxation, fun, and/or brief time away from responsibilities… you may choose not to apply or to call and find out if you may experience what you hope to out of this retreat. Space is limited; apply soon!

The cost for 3-Nights & 3 Days in advance is only $210.00 per person (MEALS INCLUDED). This must be paid in advance to NJB by check or online at Eventbrite by May 6th. Upgrade to single bed room is $50. The cost is $225. after May 6th unless payment plan is arranged by emailing .


To Bring or Not To Bring …

Bring weather appropriate, comfortable clothing. Bringa nice-a pair a clothes for going one night on the town… but DO NOT OVER PACK unless you are THE QUEEN! Clean bedding, pillows, and towels are provided. Generic soap and shampoo are also provided; please bring your own tooth brush, hair brush, and/or any specialty care items for hygiene with you. Bring medications but please list any that you are bringing; narcotic prescriptions must be approved prior to acceptance of application. Alcohol and non-prescription drugs also may not be brought on premise. Smoking may only happen off premise… it will be assumed that anyone found smoking in the house is on fire and appropriate measure will be taken to put you out. There will be plenty of free time and open space for persons who need to smoke. Watches and cell phones may not be audible or visible during presentations and/or discussions; there will be safe areas available to place them during those times. Please leave negative attitudes at home. Bring on the fun and stay positive!

Talents and Skills

If you have any talents or skills that you believe can benefit persons attending this retreat, please let us know; write: subject: retreat talents and skills

The Schedule


on the Friday before the retreat

As usual, we piggy-back on the Annual Jersey Pride Celebration

Those Who Arrive Early for PRIDE May Check In & Leave Baggage in Secure Area

FULL SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED… This retreat is for self-relaxation and growth. No one is required to attend all meeting or activities… Please, however, try to attend as many that you feel you are able to. Additionally, any sponsored meals will only be for participatnts. If you choose not to particapate for a sponsored meal, you must then provide for your own meal at that time. The schedule will provide for plenty of free time and personal space. All we ask is that you do not schedule or partake in alternative activities during times that things are scheduled. Gathering and Pizza & Salad will be at SUNDAY @ 6:00PM

The Retreat will begin evening promptly at 7:00PM.

The men will enjoy pizza and salad prior to welcoming and “house-keeping”. The guys will enjoy a couple activities followed by an inspiring talk. Then just before retiring to a comfortable room we will have warm beverages and cookies out on the porch.

Monday morning a full country breakfast will be served. Lunch at ——- provided by —–. Dinner at —- by —-.

Tuesday morning a full country breakfast will be served. Presentations, discussions, and activities will happen throughout the day. One activity will be fun as it involves spending time on the streets and landscape of beautiful Ocean Grove and Asbury Park. Lunch by …

Wednesday morning a full country breakfast will be served again. There will be a very brief weekend recap and evaluation following a morning sexuality workshop. This will be done efficiently for anyone who needs to leave before 10:30am may do so.12pm Lunch by Gilead You may choose to check your bags and/or make arrangement to stay longer if weather and vacancy permits.

Meals by: , , , & consumer educational programs.


Each participant may:

  1. Drive down in his own vehicle; there is plenty of safe street parking.
  2. Carpool with friend(s). (Please offer an appropriate gratuity for gas and tolls when someone is kind enough to drive.)
  3. Apply early for transportation via NJB – LIMITED SPACE
  4. Use NJ Transit


*minimum down payment is $50.



As seen on Retreat Finder: the online directory of spiritual and healing retreats


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