Buddies has alot to be proud of…

Buddies of New Jersey hosted Bergen/Passaic’s location of the NJAW: Ending Epidemics Together Walk raising over 50G locally and nearly 300 statewide to address issues of hunger, poverty, homelessness, addiction, mental health and more. These issues contribute to the spread of HIV and cause negative health outcomes to underserved communities.

Buddies of New Jersey has a lot to be proud of this upcoming June for pride month!

Tons of organization and care went into the planning of this reinvigorated day.  Our sponsors, the volunteers from the community as well as staff members show the depth of commitment we have to stopping HIV and caring for one another.

Do your part in stopping the spread of HIV by testing regularly and encouraging others to do the same. Let others know about PrEP.  And most importantly care for one another as if they were in your own family!